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fish. fish. it's time for the qatar made headlines out there or not. they tell us air strikes hit the center of the libyan capital leading to more civilian casualties at least three people reportedly killed but says progress don't feel forces are ordered to leave the rebel held city of misrata but claim it will be replaced by tribesmen. india's latest census reveals an unknowing sex ratio exposes a rise in abortions aarons discover a new girl before filing his sons are considered financially for more trucks and
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balances. i mean us pastor infamous for burning the koran is blocked from holding an anti islamic rally in a city described as america's muslim capital accords than the protests threaten to incite just hatred and provoke products. next we look at a russian republic with oil pumps give way to innovation in this month's technology meet. hello and welcome to technology update this month we're in because it's the capital of the russian republic of the sun and a city of contrasts where religion same culture is from east and west but it's also the site where a thousand years of history are giving way to an upstart innovation based economy
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newcomers to cosign are sure to take a tour of the city's kremlin see unesco world heritage site with a breathtaking a ray of minarets a good teacher will domes within a few hundred feet of each other increasingly though it's visitors may just be stopping off to see the sights while pursuing a more serious business that was certainly the mood last fall when a delegation of silicon valley entrepreneurs met with the sun's top officials to discuss investment opportunities in the russian republic after a long trip from their familiar california confines their hosts were eager to point out that the necessary infrastructure was in place for shipment you know if yes we're doing now is specializing we have grad that will develop the petrochemical industry has on its. specialize in information technology research and development plus we have a facility in the town of comes only when palomas will be reprocessed and we have specially designated zones for a major high taken vestment projects are looking like much of russia to the stans
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economy is heavily dependent on industrial production accounting for nearly half of the regional g.d.p. within that segment traditional strong suits like mining metal works and oil refining remain the driving force behind the statistics there's a growing interest in modernization across all industries high tech has long played a role in cars on the qana me but if i see a part innovative industry has a shiny new home. to california for and. capitalist also came here to get down to brass tacks on why took the stand was worthy of investor attention. russian international companies they've already enjoyed success in the republic made the case in painstaking detail the clear message of the stunts economic tide is turning towards a new imposition on top technology. one of the most economical regions of the russian federation but it's about sixty percent of. comes from the.
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chemical industries and one of the main main objectives of. the economy. looking for investments. smart investments. investment in high tech. and. the name should imply some smart investment in the information technology sector has already found fertile ground within id card since our visit last october it's come alive with new tenants in for monaco's one new resin that already directly impacts the lives of to understand citizens most notably in a project they realized for the republic's government interested in the buzz around the administration but still largely bogged down in traditional bureaucracy a step towards the solution the informant for unified online state services. because thomas sets out a series of strict requirements for the infamous finish they was
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a number of specific functions this includes a fool for money printing a variety of payment service is scanning and a video link up with the cool sensor. from the looks of it the info much has a lot in common with automated tellers to pump out our cash or the electronic she asks where thousands of russians pay their mobile phone or home internet bills and on the whole that's a good thing users are quicker to adapt to familiar looking hardware but the key element it's a big. from out apart from its look alikes in previous generations are wired in its inner workings the government asking for market to incorporate because passing he did pay for signing up for apply for and receive confirmation of a wide range of services provided by an equally broad spectrum of state agencies each of these functions needs its own new software and hardware design. at this point we don't know of any competitors that produce this kind of equipment with the same currency risk some of them have princes with tiny trays for example holding
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only two hundred fifty sheets. we have others haven't included a video link with a cool sensor using a single lens reflex camera as a scanner is our own plates inside solution. camera allows for documents came in without the own we'll be cover other features right at your fingertips they can read your bank cards our goods and passports full size documents or cashiers receipts and take payment for everything from property tax to parking tickets myself. for the first award for a no two was developed what skills angles an ergonomic current serious six or four inch display to a full scale called model that's very creative you wish it to focus groups a group of posters opinions based on individual preferences said whether it was convenient or inconvenience and whether they like to have disliked it only after that did we switch i would submit to start making the real thing. the
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next go ahead was given informatica went to local design fabricators to help with much of the new hardware. the tiniest detail protective plates and siding panels have to be pursued in cars and welded from sheets of the desired metals and local workshops have valuable experience in the arena of mass production metalworking. it's an interesting example of how a new high technology solutions can support making. to new growth of more traditional economic sectors. these in turn benefit from the call to compete for contracts to help with products in the fire's market expecting higher standards. has a significant number of components involved in monitoring its own state including he never knows consumption rates the tools. and other parameters is cheap. to tell nobody to do for my terminals in proper shape and toughest on red white and
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green in for money he gets down to the nuts and bolts of packing the kiosks full of the electronic communications equipment they need to do their many jobs each of the inputs needs to be seated up to the central computer which then needs a connection to the government payment network some of the solution seems almost too good to be true with hard drives printers and even the digital camera hardly different from the ones we have around our office but here simplicity is savings we're talking about the ease of supplying servicing and replacing components once they're in government buildings all over the republic. there is a wide range of different services provided by these in from out machines in principle task was to provide appropriate access to the service terminals for various state structures for example is cash based operations are carried out of the right tool then only cash handling and security organizations should have access to it or in this case their banks or some other specialized organization.
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over on this side the only people who change receipt roles in the receipt printer or service these machines will be given access to them this could be tax collection agencies or some other organizations that have access to the register below this isn't a full print and consequently only organizations that service the terminal should have access to it and even if this is also for opening servicing or taking out the camera in the scanner here organizations that service a printer in this case change the contradiction load the paper and generally ensure that the printer. operates normally we showed up at the state property registry to see the informatics in action we found them being used by a broad segment of citizens they may have come here for something specific but services related to other administrative divisions were also accessible. q. said getting shorter because of the popularity of these machines why more people are starting to submit application is through the info mats so they don't have to come here two or three times but instead submit their applications where it's convenient for them they come to us only took pains to finalize documents according
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to official figures for the first three months of two thousand and eleven implement visits of more than tripled their handling nearly twice the volume of inquiries and more than four times the inflow of applications as people realize they could reserve other appointments at a kiosk that figure skyrocketed as did the number of payments made via in from out of. that i t. park another company has attracted a crowd of potential foreign clients and investors to present their unique integration of the russian global not sat nav system with the software and communications complex coordinates in commands to their stance emergency services but i think. russian companies need to be creating in earning money on a regional intellectual property and with us in mind information technologies a sector intellectual property can turn into products pretty quickly becoming a good source of income that's part of the object of the glowing us one one two pilot project based hearing because done with this satellite network in place
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they're developing and marketing a system to integrate and simplify emergency dispatcher services one one two was the unified emergency phone number for the new and now russia much like nine one one in north america or ninety nine in the u.k. these operators take those calls and direct the urgent information to emergency workers in the field whose locations they can track on maps generated by the glowing us sat nav system. versions the situations can strike almost anywhere in. any time when the response has to be ready is precious and this is to mccain's to cut out steps by getting info straight to the service media increasing our first response capacity. to. this central design fire station agreed to show us how the new blueness one one two system is impacting their work and the effectiveness of the lifesaving services they provide.
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the control room is all computerized with the integration of locally develop sat nav and software producing interactive digital maps of emergency sites and units in the field we didn't want any buildings on fire to test them but the calls came in nevertheless. previously if we received a message that the fire rescue line zero one about a road accident where people needed some kind of help we had to dial the police said zero two or the state road traffic inspector and order we had to dial a third number to call an ambulance so we had to carry out all three of these operations in turn now with a new unified one month two systems the difference is that statues fill out a single online form they write the address and what kind of help is needed and simultaneously dispatch this information to all services. russia's federal emergency situations ministry plans the future of such systems to look something like this traumatization transmitters in private cars will signal the call center
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that an accident has occurred if calls to the gloominess emergency phone in the automobile are and successful rescue teams are on the ready guided to the scene of the emergency by the same set of network rescuers cut down on time it's crucial to saving endangered lives it may seem a bit far fetched today but not for long transmitters like those being tested by cars on emergency vehicles may be required on russian cars by twenty thirty one she was very interesting and important that separate regions have already long. projects both on their own initiative and in cooperation with the irregular in a system we're creating live already started and the goals are basically the same as usual in future will combine our developments and experience to create the final product the republicans has or stan has accumulated considerable experience in this field just in the opening of the toughest budget grow not one one two and in four much both came from because on site the park but there's two more innovation centers in that city neighborhood and seven across the capital with focuses in
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different camps sectors to the stone spreads out beyond consigned to include several high tech investment zones in cities like mission accomplished now additionally show me and women who are we are they catered to in the sense of the most densely populated area fresh and every second season of the russian federation lives within one thousand cologne to distance and today it's very important for the multinational companies that is located in the center of the city center because their main to months in russia they concentrated in minnesota human resources is one of the competitive and found shares in terms of quality quantity and. according to the surveys there were several in the public with us on this about forty five percent or even less even lower which case investors the huge flexibility of the taxing educating motivating people sixteen hundred new workplaces were created with the two thousand and ten opening of the massive two nickel refinery in the schmidt
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cars its first teacher a new well put of seven million tonnes of crude continues to advance tougher stance keep patrolling position petrochemical products like polyethylene and rubber big and tougher standards which cost forty percent of russia's productivity and both as well as roughly a third of the whole country's tires many of those tires going to come to stymie trucks to total thirty percent of russia's output these are either durable commands were courses from the british need show me where. the trucks from the lot of a special economic zone because on helicopter factory pumps out choppers used around the world and that's just one part of the important aviation sector that's long been top flight into afghanistan increasingly modern aviation engineers are building specifically purpose machines propelled by programs or remote guidance systems essentially planes they need no pilot to control their flight path. drawing on over a half century of aviation no help is on socal experimental design bureau is making
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strides in this expanding reno let's turn the tables from its first piloted engine list fighters in the sixty's to unpiloted aircraft today. the idea of using drones as flying targets is really quite obvious or was it has embraced so-called design bureau has accumulated a unique experience in this arena so since it was founded they said to prizes designed several generations of unpiloted flying target systems and each of these targets was used by russian armed services and it's time. for most recent generation of so-called targets is called. it's designed to take off from a light mobile launcher for use almost anywhere in military testing in training they can fly improves the book to four stay aloft for over an hour in range from fifty meters to roughly nine thousand meters in elevation the weapon systems are complicated and costly so they're fine tuning functionality are worth the cost of
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flying targets but designing a full arsenal of drone targets for different simulations is overkill so the dynamic is meant to perform is the objective of many different in-flight exercises and the trends are in great simone's not only for the air force but also in the anti aircraft defense forces they need tritons which have the capacity to serve as multiple weapons or defectively imitating old kinds of man day. only three hundred fifty kill. grahams the john m. is pretty light for any aircraft and that's an advantage in a field that values flexibility and ease of transport just means workers to develop lightweight electronics and control systems to maximize the fine targets maneuverability with a minimum of baggage mass to imitate various targets the dynamics engines can generate speeds from three hundred to seven hundred fifty kilometers per hour blasting it out of the sky is the only possible goal so it's equipped with a dual parachute recovery system which allows a single target for him to be used up to ten times it can be guided via programmed
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autopilot or from the remote control center all of these features undergo constant updates. and more reliable line of control systems has been developed his pulse old test is operating successfully in addition and you also a pilot system has been introduced which has significantly improved the quality of flights. flying targets are so tricky they don't need about one in every ten gets shot down . three pages an exhibition stand for development and testing of navigation and control systems basically the eyes and brains of the drones we designed the ground based test complex consists of can pieces that control the flight dynamics of a model as well as performance monitoring equipment. and control system and is exactly like the real thing now going to switch on this equipment. control
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actuators shows how the pilot system reacts to disturbances which we can create with the help of the rotary axis changing the pitch angle of the sensor units and the banking angle this is how we imitate in a cross angle in vertical electoral plane we can judge whether the flight control system is ready for operation but changes in the parameters of the senses the substitution of miniature components in control systems. the systems weight increase the speed of the aircraft increase the maximum fuel payload and the flight range accordingly cruft can withstand exhiliration force of up to nine g. can nose dive and pitch up. celebration forces as intially is a flying robot. with only a smart stuff packed into the fuselage it's time to fold everything down spread their wings and see if the drone is up to snuff before it can put top weapon systems to the test they done him has to undergo some pretty stringent testing of
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its own list of modern russian designed military hardware done them as help develop is nothing to mess with any includes fighter jets like the make twenty nine which is being delivered in a massive contract with india's navy this two thirty variation developed for the chinese air force india s four hundred triumph any aircraft system stew more unpiloted excitement lies ahead for so-called. future piloted aircraft we plan to reach an entirely new technological level which will on the one hand and i was to significantly raise the. providing a new generation of equipment that allows new hardware and programming solution. the so-called design bureau is planning to carve out a nice in the already crowded russian drone market unpiloted multi-purpose aircraft
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weighing in at about one hundred kilograms so far it's all blueprints behind closed doors but given their past excess the picture looks good going forward in the soviet union kodak moments were brought to you by house who made their film professor chemical right here at the con factory today the same site is home to a brand new innovation chemical cluster called him god the so-called techno pulis has resurrected over one hundred thirty here cares of mostly have been in. in the place of one giant organization besides establishing a base of innovative small and medium sized petrochemical projects they could help jumpstart economic development across the republic was the new i was made of the here are several major petrochemical plants in charger style which this was the source of considerable part of their products most was the weakest moment of the that's why we have seven objective to process at least thirty percent of polymers in the republicans who did so the jobs taxes as the added value remain in the republican economy just to just disappear of humor out high tech cluster we're
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creating the necessary conditions for a quick start up for companies that aim to do the kind of work the plan to process polymers with most of the necessary infrastructure has been created and a company can count on preferential terms for moving into premises in a module building like this one which fully meets all safety standards and is fitted out with all modern technological infrastructure the whole works of if a company is already somewhat larger it can obtain a lot a lot much which requires utilities where it will be able to erect production facilities or install equipment suitable for its technology quickly and without any hold ups the project was lost in two thousand and seven today we have a hundred eleven residents and more than four thousand new jobs we said an ambitious goal to increase the number of companies operating him to at least two hundred when these companies we hope to create a total of ten thousand new jobs will force the full force of the disease each of which is as of today deflation factory within the human rights complex is the
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production facility of the russian flexible packaging company down the flex if you've been in russia long enough to shop for your favorite condiments there's a good chance they're cracking plastic film produced hearing design to put all those products on supermarket shelves these lines pump out kilometers of labeled plastic wrapping each day if the item of the hour here is many massive rules of translucent polyethylene film are loaded through these machines with coats of clued safety layered on. simply as the plastic passes the rollers the machinery is all about precision so that the red writing is exactly the right grid the egg yolks are exactly the right yellow and the vegetables their natural green with the reels finally finish samples are tested electronically to assure the true colors where does the plastic film come from in the first place. before through the plastics extrusion process everything starts with granules these granules get trucked into special new matic lines through the hole and into extrude has been extrude is the
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granules that melted down and then this melted material gets pulled into the special rotating done and then the film bubble goes up to twenty meters cooling slowly. after that it's pressed by a special collapsing frame and turned into a skoda lay flat then this lay flat film comes back down there it gets cut at the sides and wound into row on the. grain used to start the whole process are made of kali eslinger the world's most common plastic both clear and white granules produce the corresponding color of packaging materials in the clear great holes that supply down a fix for me right down the road because the north synthesis russia's biggest polyethylene producer the equipment design is about cooling a plastic film of the desired thickness not just because a twenty meter plastic tornado looks amazing plastics extrusion can be performed by many different methods this is called glue film extrusion the volume and pressure of air blown into massive tube stretches it determining the dimensions of the film
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that will descend on the rolls it's the most efficient way of producing this kind of film but done a flex has new packaging materials in its sights. so recently we produce mostly known barrier packaging based on the polyethylene and polyethylene tariff eligible right nice for a standard mayonnaise package so we produce parity of packaging based on a lead in food overall but full is rather difficult surprises. converts this will just by agreeing it's here you can see i think you did a lot with its processing it by machinery is even harder even worse this material is practically known recyclable will supply you as a result a project was started to produce thin film membrane instead of aluminum foil in the project was established together with. through the project we produced the first membrane that has the same variant attributes as aluminum foil by the of the with a number of additional advantages it's transparent which allows you to see the
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products inside a much more this film is recyclable of course so the new membrane will replace traditional foil in highbury or packaging all the same properties at a tiny fraction of the thickness composite films are also in the make use of it done a flex ross nano partnership for this product and then a structured composite materials will go into the mixture from extrusion creating stronger packaging at a lower cost as rusin in the representatives make clear during a california delegations visit last october this project is just the tip of the innovative investment nice we should play if we believe the agreement we've signed with works very well very reliably which you know do we have projects planned in the so-called clean tech sphere including alternative energy solar batteries fuel cells and a number of projects related to biotechnologies and offical components for telecommunications . behind the facade of traditional beauty design in the surrounding region is focusing on twenty first century functionality if you go to visit you just might
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catch a glimpse we've only just begun to scratch the surface of the stands high tech potential we're out of time for this month in moscow sprawling personally we can go home to the russian capital knowing it's not the only cow but all russian innovation join us for more on the next technology update until then enjoy the ride.
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all. hungry for the full six we've got it firsthand the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers on the t.v. . to something has been to the children of inspiration for the long lost secret of thomas steele has been discovered. now archie goes east of lake baikal where the longest russian railway line runs. for the sunday desert lies among siberian mountains. where people follow the same routes as hundreds of years ago.


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